The aim of Connoisseur Yoshikigoi is very simple. It is to source small numbers of high-class Yoshikigoi and offer them for sale at realistic prices. This does not mean however that our koi are cheap - unfortunately the truth is that cheap koi I'm afraid are just that. Having said that we believe that when you consider the quality of our fish the prices actually offer outstanding value for money. We travel independently to the Yoshikigoi Farm regularly throughout the year hand picking koi directly. 

During my 7 years as a BKKS judge I have acquired an invaluable insight into koi appreciation and this understanding has been added to significantly during my trips to Japan by learning from the only real masters. Armed with this knowledge I am looking for something very special in each and every one of the fish that I select - they must show the potential to improve and grow. Often this means that the fish is nowhere near finished so you have the pleasure of growing it on and observing the improvement. The important characteristics that need to be present are body shape, skin quality, the bloodline for growth and colours and patterns that have the ability to improve. Obtaining koi like this is not easy and they sell as quickly as we can find them.

All koi from Yoshikigoi and their facilities are certified to be free of KHV & SVC.



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